Same Day Deliveries

Fleetsmart specialize in same day express of critical time sensitive deliveries, by road and by air - 24/7 - DAY AND NIGHT. We understand the urgency of a same day and have setup a network of owner drivers throughout SA equipped to handle emergencies, whatever it takes.

Dedicated Drive Away:

In cases where flights are limited, delayed or ineffective, Fleetsmart has dedicated vehicles available at the ‘drop of a hat’ to deliver urgent consignments to any location by road.

With flights available between 15 airports, and a national footprint of dedicated owner drivers, you can be assured that your shipment will be given the priority it requires.

Airport Locations:

Cut Off Times:

If you require a sameday to be delivered during office hours, please take the following into account:

  • Sameday delivery is subject to the ON TIME departures and arrivals of flights.
  • Add 45 minutes to collect and another 45 minutes to deliver (Add more time to outlying area’s)
  • Add 1:30 minutes to lodge prior to the next available flights departure.
  • Add flight times and allow 60 minutes to clear the freight after the plane has landed.

From an envelope to pallet or an on-board - safe hands courier consignment that requires high security, we will make every effort and use whatever resources at our disposal to expedite your delivery on time.

Whether you require a local inter-office, around town, or city to city delivery, whatever the deadline, Fleetsmart has the capacity and network available to fulfil our commitment.

[FLEETSMART: Driven by Solutions] - It’s not about the cost of delivery, it’s about delivering at all costs!!!